José Jalapeño: Life on a Stick

jose jalapeno

jose jalapeno on a stick

Jeff Dunham’s Jose Jalapeno on a stick character is the fist doll he ever designed himself. He wears a small Mexican sombrero and speaks with a heavy accent. Jose Jalapeno is often partnered with Peanut. The purple doll takes great joy in teasing Jose Jalapeño on his pronunciation, such as Jeff Dunham’s name as -Heff-, or because he doesn’t have any limbs besides his stick. However, do not be fooled, José Jalapeño knows how to diss it out right back .

Jose Jalapeno has many remarkable sketches, among fan-favorites during “minding the monsters” where peanut is dressed as batman and he forced Jose to dressed as his side kick. When Jeff Dunham asks Jose Jalapeño what he wanted to dress up as in halloween, Jose implies that as something terrifying as peanuts sister.

He’s also known for finishing most of his zingers with “on a stick”. Truly an ingenious use of innuendo of serious versatility, as great as “that’s what she said” jokes. Which tide together perfectly with his wide taste for ‘señoritas’ and his shy, but flirty, personality.

Jeff Dunham’s José Jalapeño was created so that Jeff could reach a wide variety of people with his humor. Unlike what’s most commonly believed, even though he has a Mexican sombrero, Jose has claimed to be a Cuban from Florida. He also says Olé every often, a very spaniard exclamation, rendering the Jalapeño pepper with a wide variety of Latin influences

Jeff Dunham: Ventriloquy sensation

Ever since receiving as doll as a Christmas gift, ventriloquy ha been Jeff Dunham’s only goal in life. He studied every video and book he could find about the subject, practicing in front of the mirror for hours on end. Since the 6th grade, Jeff attends the Vent Haven conVENTion every year (except for 1977), where he got to meet his idol Edgar Bergen. Jeff has had many tell him to give up on his dream, believing such an act couldn’t be financially feasible. But he worked through any and all set backs to achieve his goals. Today, Jeff Dunham is the high payed comedian in the world. He has been made into an honorary “retired champion” as well as a spot of Honor in the convention’s Ventriloquy museum. His new tour “Jeff Dunham: Seriously?!” is set to start soon, and no doubt, will be added to his other 8 successful specials he has performed up to date , addition to that Jeff Dunham Family gives him full support.

José Jalapeño Companions

In addition to Jeff Dunham’s José Jalapeño, the comedian travels with a posse of dolls as his carry-on . Peanut, a purple monkey-like creature, loves to tease everyone with great zingers, specially José Jalapeño and Jeff Dunham himself. Walter, an ancient vet, who dreams of life without his wife and enjoys complaining about everything in general. Achmed the dead terrorist, a suicide bomber who accidentally detonated himself, calls everyone and infidel and with any laughter, screams his catchy “I KEEL YOU” threat. Bubba J, the utmost red neck stereotype, loves to drink an alarming quantity of beer and is a colossal NASCAR fan. Some supporting cast members include Achmed junior, Melvin the superhero and Sweet Daddy D, who add quite the eclectic spark to Jeff Dunham’s Tours.


Some of the Best of José Jalapeño!

These spicy pepper “on a steek” has made millions laugh word wide with his heavy accent and well-timed come backs against frenemy Peanut. Please enjoy this compilation of the best skits and performances by Jeff Dunham and his very own original, José Jalapeño on a stick.