Peanut: Cheeky Menace

jeff dunham peanut

jeff dunham and peanut

Jeff Dunham’s Peanut doll is simian-like purple creature, with white fur, a patch of green hair atop his head, and a red chosen on his left foot. Peanut enjoys being too much to handle and taking things too far. His favorite pass time is to bully José Jalapeño and Jeff Dunham himself; nothing escapes this cheeky menace’s sense of humor.

Peanut is one of Jeff Dunham’s most chaotic doll personas, often being referred to as the “bad kid”, causing trouble wherever he goes. His sense of humor is very juvenile and unfiltered, constantly in the verge of offensive, making it routine for Jeff Dunham to apologize to the audience on his behalf.

One of his most iconic zingers, was when Jeff Dunham denied ever having done drugs and shocked Peanut remarked “then how did you come up with me?!”. In another of his popular anecdotes, Peanut recalls having a sign language interpreter by the stage. Peanut compares bringing the deaf to ventriloquist show to taking the blind to a special effects magic performance. Peanut decided to mess with them by saying random words and then moving his mouth without saying anything, just to confused everyone. His hilarity and insolence have no bounds.

Jeff Dunham: Ventriloquy sensation

Since he was 8 years, ventriloquy has been Jeff Dunham’s passion. Being an art at the verge of extinction, there were many throughout his career that tried to dissuade him from pursuing his dream of being known as the best ventriloquist in the world. With great strength of will and burning passion for his ability, Jeff Dunham has become the highest grossing touring comedian in the world. With 8 successful comedy specials and a new tour “Jeff Dunham: Seriously?!” in the works, Jeff has surpassed the world’s expectations and achieved his dream.

Today, he holds the honorary title ‘retired champion’ from the organizers of the Vent Haven convention, recognizing him as one of the greats, along side Señor Wences and Edgar Bergen, in the ventriloquy museum. He also holds the Guinness world record for “most tickets sold at a standup comedy show” performing in over 386 venues worldwide.

peanut Companions

Aside from Jeff Dunham Peanut doll, he travels around the world with “little people in suitcases”. Walter the puppet, a grouchy old vet, can’t seem to find pleasure in anything other than complaining about his wife and anything else he can think of. Jose Jalapeño on a stick is a Mexican immigrant with a heavy accent, who ends every joke with his catchphrase “…on a stick”. Bubba J, is a dumb-witted red neck with a great love for beer and NASCAR. Some supporting cast members include Achmed junior, Melvin the superhero and Sweet Daddy D, who add quite the whimsical spark to Jeff Dunham’s Tours.

Some of the Best of Peanut!

One of the best parts of Jeff Dunham’s performance is when this “Cheeky menace” comes out to entertain us with his hilariously annoying personality. From great zingers, to heavily taunting his companions, Peanut never ceases to amuse the crowd to tears. Please enjoy this compilation of the best skits and performances by Jeff Dunham and his “purple and wacky buddy” Peanut.