Jeff Dunham Family in 2021

jeff dunham family

jeff dunham family

Real estate appraiser, Howard Dunham and his wife Joyce, adopted 3 month old Jeff Dunham in 1962. They raise him an only child, in a devoutly Presbyterian household, at a prosperous Dallas neighborhood. When Jeff was 8 years old, his parents gave him a Mortimer Snerd ventriloquy doll, the kingpin to his passion for the craft. During his senior year in high school, Jeff Dunham’s family took a professional portrait, including Jeff’s doll, which they displayed in their living room for years to show their support and pride for their son.

Jeff Dunham’s Children

Bree Dunham

Born in August 1991. Bree is Jeff Dunham’s adopted daughter from his first marriage. She appeared on family feud, along with her sisters, where she showed to have a funny bone as well. She’s married to Erick Hemphill, and has recently welcomed her first child Harrison Thomas, making Jeff Dunham officially a grandpa.

Ashlyn Dunham

Born in September 11, 1995. Ashlyn is Jeff Dunham’s first biological child. His most popular anecdote about his daughter Ashlyn (Dunham’s very special Christmas special) is as a teenager trying to learn how to put gas in her first car. Jeff Dunham has said that he holds the video of that incident for prank revenge purposes in the future. Ashlyn Dunham appeared on B Positive (2020) and Jeff Dunham: Birth of a Dummy (2011).

Kenna Dunham

Born June 19, 1997. Kenna is Jeff Dunham youngest child from his first marriage. Jeff has proudly mentioned in his special “Spark of insanity” that she inherited his twisted sense of humor. He demonstrated that fact by telling  story of when she was just 6 years old, Jeff dunham family was walking the dogs in automatic leashes. Kenna lets the leash get long, clicks the button to retract then lets go of the leash, which chases the terrified dog. She’s currently a student at Cornell in clinical psychology.

Jack and James Dunham

Born October 11, 2015. James and Jack are fraternal twins. They are showcased in many sweet family videos of lives that Jeff Dunham shares on Facebook and YouTube. Jeff Dunham loves to amuse his boys with the dolls, particularly Peanut. Jeff and Audrey are run ragged by their playfully hyper personalities.

Jeff Dunham’s Wives

Paige brown (ex-wife, m. 1994-2010)

March 13, 1968. Jeff met Paige at the “Comedy Corner” in West Palm Beach, Florida. Jeff married Paige in May 1994, and Jeff adopted her 1 year-old daughter, Bree Dunham. Paige was a key player in Jeff’s success as a comedian, by building and managing his fan club, as well overseeing the merchandize sales. But his career kept him on the road for weeks each month, which put a heavy strain on their marriage, until they eventually decided to part ways. She’s a businesswoman, and philanthropist, who runs multiple charities. She’s also known as the “marriage whisperer” among her friends, as she has dedicated much of her time to speak to women going through divorce and advice them on the healing process based on her own experiences.

Audrey Murdick (wife, m. 2012)

Born August 29, 1980. Audrey is a certified nutritionist, ex-bodybuilder and personal trainer. The couple met in 2009 and married in 2012. Jeff Dunham’ wife gave birth to twins, Jack Dunham and James Dunham, 3 years later, one day before their wedding anniversary. “No matter what the day, we got to sleep laughing, and we wake up laughing. We can’t imagine a love any better than this.”the couple told People. She seems to have a great relationship with her step-daughters, appearing in family feud together, as well as many family photos they have posted online throughout the years. Jeff has said recently that he takes great pleasure in teasing Audrey for being such a “hot grandma”.

Jeff Dunham: Rundown

For over 3 decades, Jeff Dunham has been entertaining audiences of all types and age groups, into laughing hysterics. According to Forbes, he is the highest grossing touring comedian (ventriloquist) in the world. Walter, Peanut, José Jalapeño on a stick, Bubba J and Achmed the dead terrorist, are the comedian’s band of dolls that travel with him everywhere he performs. Clips of each of the characters become extremely popular online, with millions of views each from around the world, giving Jeff Dunham the opportunity to travel the globe doing shows for fans of every continent.