Bubba J: ‘Mericas’ Sweetheart

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Bubba the puppet is a simple, yet dynamic character that has won audiences’ hearts with his slow wit, hilarious care-free laugh, and the countless cringe-worthy anecdotes about his life. From unlikely alien abductions, to shot-gun weddings and everything in between, there is never a dull moment when Bubba J is on stage.

One of his most popular anecdotes is the day Bubba the puppet met his wife. He first laid eyes on her at the family reunion, while she was leaning against the ferris wheel, making it tip, beer and corndog in each hands.

Jeff Dunham’s Bubba J is the embodiment of America’s “trailer park white trash” stereotype. A beer aficionado, Bubba J enjoys a few too many everyday, yet he’s always perplexed when people say he has a drinking problem; he’s quite sure he has it figured out. His favorite past time is to watch NASCAR, an elite sport according to him, since it’s an easy sport to follow along, specially while one is tanked.

To sum up; from enjoying his favorite sport, to having beer-goggles that smooth out his wife ugliness, to just celebrating his proud redneck heritage, as long as he has a beer in his hand he’s always sure to be doing “Purty gooood”.

Jeff Dunham: Ventriloquy sensation

Since his early childhood, Jeff Dunham has lived and breathed ventriloquy. It being a dying art, there were many nay-sayers throughout his career that tried to discourage him from pursuing his dreams of, not only making it a career, but to be the best. Through sheer strength of will and undying passion for his craft, Jeff Dunham has become the highest grossing touring comedian in the world. With 8 successful comedy specials and a new tour “Jeff Dunham: Seriously?!” in the works, Jeff has more than achieved his childhood hopes,; he has surpassed them beyond his, and everyone else’s, expectations.

Today, he holds the Guinness world record for “most tickets sold at a standup comedy show” performing in over 386 venues worldwide. He also holds the honorary title ‘retired champion’ from the organizers of the Vent Haven convention, recognizing him as one of the greats, along side Señor Wences and Edgar Bergen, in the ventriloquy museum.

Bubba J Companions

Aside from Jeff Dunham’s Bubba J, he travels around the world with a posse of “little people in suitcases”.  Jose Jalapeño on a stick  is an illegal Mexican immigrant with a heavy accent, who punctuates jokes with his catchphrase “…on a stick”. Peanut, a marsupial-like creature, is off-the-walls hyperactive and enjoys making fun of everyone, specially Jose Jalapeño. Walter the puppet, a grouchy old vet, can’t seem to find pleasure in anything outside of complaining, specially about his wife. Achmed the dead terrorist, is a suicide bomber who blew himself up by accident, and now passes his time threatening to kill the audience and struggling to hate the American way of life. Some supporting cast members include Achmed junior, Melvin the superhero and Sweet Daddy D, who add quite the whimsical spark to Jeff Dunham’s Tours.

Some of the Best of Bubba J videos!

One of the best parts of Jeff Dunham’s performance is when this “good ol’ boy” comes out to regale us with his colorful tales and goofy personality. With Shotgun weddings, Roadkill Christmas songs, excessive beer drinking and NASCAR, there’s never a straight face in the audience. Please enjoy this compilation of the best skits and performances by Jeff Dunham and his “white trash trailer park” Bubba J videos.

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